Presentation of green solutions

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Alfred Priess A/S is now part of the newly opened Resilience House in Vejle, Denmark where environmentally companies work on future solutions.

The newly opened Resilience House in Vejle, Denmark is part of the Green Tech Center, where environmentally friendly companies work on future solutions for energy, climate, water and data.

Alfred Priess A/S  is also part of the office community at the Resilience House and thus part of the innovative network of green companies at the Green Tech Center. Alfred Priess A/S` export manager Lars Damgaard explains; “There is also a clear commercial aspect in connection with the Green Tech Center, as the center annually has more than 6000 visitors within the green segment. So far we have been visited by deligations from China, Canada, Hungary, Poland and Nordic countries.”  

As a leading supplier of solar street lighting Alfred Priess A/S has an installation of the self-sufficient Plectre Sun solar cell column outside of the building as well. Here new developments in the solar energy development can be demonstrated, for instance the live access to data from the Priess remote system.

Export manager Lars Damgaard in front of the Resilience House