Remote Control

The backbone of the LCC  Smart Solar & light control unit, is  an option to control and monitor operation of your system from any Windows PC, with the Priess Solar A/S Software tool installed.  

This allow you to monitor and control street lighting from afar, to keep track of operational status, battery level and capacity performance. This allows you to remote control the settings or to reset any parameter.  

Moreover, the control efficiently eliminates the need for unnecessary on-site service calls and in turn cuts maintenance costs. You are even able to det up the system to automatically warning of low battery level on any columns in the installation or get a notice of LED and sensor faults. 

When controllers in a mesh network are hooked up to an internet WiFi hot spot or GSM connection, data is automatic uploaded to a cloud server every hour and will be accessible for years to come.    


Plug & Play is a cable-free stand-alone solution that requires nothing but a Priess Solar A/S special foundation with integrated battery compartment.

The integrated solar cells charges the battery during the day and draws on it during the evening and night when lights are desired.

The light control system can also dim the light at your desired level to maximize the capacity of the battery.


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Priess NFC



Priess PC Tool

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