Flatpanel column installed in Lackenhoff, Austria

In cooperation with Hochkar & Ötscher Tourismus GmbH, Energiedata 4.0 and Swarm Analytics, Priess Solar A/S has delivered a Power Station in form of a Flatpanel column.

This 6,5m high pole is installed with a total of 400Wp solar and 3600Wh battery capacity to support remote monitored  optical sensors with a total daily consumption reaching 500Wh/day.

In Austria’s alpine high lands, weather conditions can variate a lot and it is important for this pole to be able to operate several days with a minimum of energy production, and still be able to supply energy from the battery bank as the only available source.

Installation adress

Lackenhof, Austria


Energiedata 4.0
Swarm Analytics
Hochkar & Ötscher Tourismus

To minimize the risk og snow covered solar panels and to obtain maximum sunlight during the vinter seasson, both solarpanels are tilted to a 70°.

Operation of energy production, consumption and battery level can be remotely monitored via Priess Solar’s cloud server.

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