Stand-alone solution with battery room next to the solar cell column, supplied to Europarken in the Netherlands

In October 2015 the first shipment with Plectre Sun columns was delivered in the Netherlands. For this small project our local partner, Lighting Pole Services, delivered 5 Plectre Sun columns with a light point height of 4,0 m. The base tube is 2,2 m high, which ensures that the solar panels cannot be vandalized easily form the ground.

It is a standalone solution with a battery compartment next to the column, therefore the batteries can be changed easily.

  • 5 pcs. Plectre Sun (LPH 4000)

Installation adress

The project has been installed in the Europark in the city of Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands


Lighting Pole Services, Holland
Alphen Municapility
Bjarne Frost Design Office Design ApS


The customer chose a Siteco SL 10 Micro luminaire. We have had very good experiences with this particular luminaire. For this installation the customer will have web access so the columns can be monitored from a computer, table, smartphone etc. In the PRIESS control unit there is a small modem, which will send data of the energy consumption, energy production and the battery current to a server to monitor the data.

Priess A/S and Lighting Pole Services BV have delivered a full, ready for installation package  to the customer including the concrete foundation. Therefore everything is ready for installation.

Plectre Sun was designed and developed in collaboration with Bjarne Frost, architect MAA

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