Priess solar cell column Flatpanel is a cost-optimized solution with a traditional flat solar-cell panel produced from European components of high quality.

The Priess Flatpanel is ideal for installations which require the solar panels to be higher than buildings and vegetation and which need to supply highly-efficient, stand-alone battery set-ups.

To the Flatpanel column belongs a Priess control system with a 365- day calender which allows to follow the daily energy use of the column all year round.


We can deliver Flatpanel columns in the following ways:

  • In heights from 2.5 to 12 meters.
  • In a galvanized steel finish. If a more exclusive style is preferred, the column can be painted in an RAL color according to customer preference. 
  • With most LED luminaires on the marked.



Download the data sheet above for more information and details.

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