Sunglass is a traditional flat solar-cell panel in a stylish design.

The Priess Sunglass solar column is ideal for installations which require the solar panels to be higher than buildings and vegetation and which need to supply highly-efficient, stand-alone battery set-ups.

The solar panel is a glass/glass solution installed with monocrystalline bifacial solar cells. This means the column utilizes reflections and optains energy from both the front- and backside of the panel.

Further it is possible to install sensors on the column to manage energy consumption as needed.


The standard Sunglass column comes in a galvanized steel finish.

If a more exclusive style is preferred, the column can be painted in an RAL color according to customer preference.
We offer a custom-design service for the Sunglass column brackets.



Download the data sheet above for more information and details.

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