When the right signals are sent to the world’s leaders at COP15, it will be via solar cell columns supplied by Priess nearby

During the COP 15 climate conference, which took place in Copenhagen in December 2009, one of BELLA CENTER’s aims was to reduce carbon emissions.

Working at the time with architect MAA Bjarne Schläger, the company Priess A/S was already developing an innovative, architect-designed lighting column powered by solar cells: TOUCHÉ. Because it is 100% solar-powered, this column is carbon neutral. It can also function as a stand-alone unit, which minimises installation costs.

  • 21 PRIESS TOUCHÈ 5000 ”stand alone” columns
  • 21 PHILIPS CITY SWAN LED luminaires
  • BATTERIES, MASTER and SLAVE controls for columns, and battery boxes to be sunk into the ground


Bella Center Copenhagen

Installation adress

Center Boulevard 5, DK-2300 København S


ELTEL Networks
Bjarne Schläger architect MAA


Priess A/S approached the BELLA CENTER’S management and presented them with the TOUCHÉ column. A positive dialogue with the BELLA CENTER ensued. The vision was to set up the new solar-cell lighting columns outside the entrance, where all the heads of state would arrive, in order to showcase high-class, eco-friendly Danish design.

Installation of the TOUCHÉ solar-cell columns began on Monday 23 November 2009 and was completed in the week leading up to the climate conference. They have now seen the winter out with no problems. They are expected to remain in place for many years to come, continuing to brighten things up for the many visitors to BELLA CENTER.

Touché was designed and developed in collaboration with Bjarne Schläger, architect MAA

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