Solar cell columns with self-powering lights are an obvious and sustainable choice for the Himmerland Trail

The Touché solar-cell column was the perfect choice when Denmark’s Viborg Municipality needed to select a lighting solution for the Himmerland Path in Skals and Møldrup. The tall trees along the former railway bed meant that the columns had to be heightened so the solar cells could absorb sufficient solar radiation to ensure lighting, even during the dark months of winter when the sun is low in the sky.

  • 16 pcs. Touché columns with NYX luminaire from Focus Lighting


Viborg Municipality

Installation adress

Himmerland path between Møldrup and Skals, Denmark


Bjarne Schläger Design ApS
Viborg Municipality
Fokus Lighting
Lighting Pole Services B.V.


Intelligent lighting

The solar cells generate power for a battery in the column, and the power required for the Focus Lighting’s LED “Nyx” lamps is so low that solar energy is sufficient to ensure that the lamps shine at full strength whenever necessary. Lighting as required—or intelligent lighting—is a notable and important aspect of this green solution. The lighting is provided with the help of built-in lamp sensors that detect any traffic movements on the path. The lamps have interconnected communication to increase and decrease luminosity as required. As the luminosity is adjusted in good time, the pedestrian or bicyclist has plenty of light on the path. Whenever there is no traffic around the lamps, the light is dimmed to about 10% of full strength. This is the first large-scale deployment of this type of column with intelligent controls in Denmark.

Financial savings

Choosing Touché solar cell columns also has financial benefits. The costs saved by not having to lay cables usually covers the added expense of the solar-cell column, compared to a conventionally designed solution. At the same time, it generates free power for years to come. Operation and maintenance of the installation are similarly minimized thanks to Priess’s unique controls that report any faults over the Internet. The system is maintenance-free and virtually without costs once up and running.

Touché was designed and developed in collaboration with Bjarne Schläger, architect MAA

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