Which of the following 3 operation modes to choose depends on the geographical location and the level of reliability expected from the columns.
The columns are equipped with factory-integrated light controls. The controls enable practical operation of the columns as well as optional tracking of data, alarms and capacity performance.
  • Plug & Play
  • Safe
  • Active

Plug & Play

Plug & Play is a cable-free stand-alone solution that requires nothing but a Priess Solar A/S special foundation with integrated battery compartment.

The integrated solar cells charges the battery during the day and draws on it during the evening and night when lights are desired.

The light control system can also dim the light at your desired level to maximize the capacity of the battery.


Active is a 100% grid solution.

The excess electricity can be sold on to the utility company through an inverter, making it the optimum green solution and prevent from any outage.

Active holds the same dimming features as Plug & Play.


Safe relies on the battery as its primary source of energy but is supplemented by a connection to the grid.

In case of low battery the integrated controller automatically switches to the grid to prevent any outage – regardless of the weather.

Once the battery is reloaded the controller automatically switches back to battery operation.

Safe holds the same dimming features as Plug & Play.

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