Dutch municipality with sustainable ambitions installs 17 solar cell columns from Danish producer Priess

Our partner in the Netherlands, Lighting Pole Services, has installed a larger Touché project on a path system in Groningen, the Netherlands. The project consists of 17 stand-alone columns with a LSH of 6,0 meters. We are very proud of this project, as it is evidence of a municipality that has the ambition to help finding new ways to protect the environment.

The column consists of 2 solar panels that will operate the 23-watt luminaire. To be able to catch the sun optimally, the solar panels are located from a height of approximately 3,1 meters. In addition, this location makes it more difficult to commit vandalism. The column has both motion sensors and easy to access batteries located next to the foundation.

  • Variants of Touché (LSH 6000)

Installation adress

The project has been installed on a path system in Groningen, the Netherlands


Bjarne Schläger Design ApS
Lighting Pole Services B.V.
Imtech Traffic & Infra B.V.
Orange Lighting
Groningen Municipality


The sensors are used to limit light pollution due to a strongly reduced light level when there is no movement on the path. Furthermore, the sensors create a significantly increased flexibility in obtaining a more accurate light calculation during the year. This is important, since the luminaires are solely driven by the solar panels.

In order to give Groningen municipality the possibility to easily maintain the batteries, they are located securely locked next to the column.

Touché was designed and developed in collaboration with Bjarne Schläger, architect MAA

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