Solar street lighting
– Your eco-friendly option

Do you want to protect the environment and boost your eco-image?
Then columns with solar cells are the perfect choice for you. The columns are carbon neutral and powered solely by solar energy.

Priess Solar A/S is a leading supplier of solar street lighting. We have erected and installed more than 3,000 columns with solar cells over the years. And we can help you by providing custom-designed columns for any situation whatsoever.

International customer service

Our many years of experience mean that we have not only developed solar cell columns capable of enduring the heat and harsh environments of the Middle East, but also the long winter nights of Europe.

Customer service is important to us.
Therefore, we have set up a service team in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from where technical assistance can be provided within one or two days.

100% produced in Denmark

All secondary substations supplied by Priess Solar A/S are produced at our own factory in Vinderup – this includes 99% of all the components used in our cabins.

This guarantees reliable Danish quality, fast delivery times and a great degree of flexibility.

Shall we have a chat?

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