Custom Plectre Sun bollards as port entry lights to Handbjerg Marina, sponsored by Priess Solar A/S

Handbjerg Marina is a new marina in Venø Bay between the towns of Vinderup and Struer, northern Denmark. Since its inauguration in 2014, there has been a great desire to install port entry lighting at Handbjerg Marina to facilitate entry into the port in the dark.

In 2015, custom Plectre Sun bollards were supplied for use as port entry lights, sponsored by Priess Solar A/S. This custom solar cell lighting solution was fitted with both a red and green top luminaire respectively.

The sponsorship is yet another example of how Priess Solar A/S places focus on CSR and on supporting local projects.

  • 2x Plectre Sun (LPH 2000mm)


Handbjerg Marina

Installation adress

Handbjerg Marina 10, DK-7830 Vinderup


Handbjerg Marina A/S
Bjarne Frost Design Office Design ApS


Read more about Handbjerg Marina and their exciting activities here.

Plectre Sun was designed and developed in collaboration with Bjarne Frost, architect MAA

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