Laser sun

The Laser Sun solar cell column is is build up with the same technology as used for the Plectre Sun column. This means we use the same solar panels, control system technology and battery technology.

The difference between Plectre Sun and Laser Sun is the column type itself.

Laser Sun is based on a round, galvanized steel column which can be coated if requested, whereas Plectre Sun is based on a triangular aluminium column with an aesthetically beautiful look.

In short this means, that Laser Sun provides the same technology as Plectre Sun- for a cheaper price.


This is how the solar cell column works

Laser Sun is self-sufficient with energy, just as the other solar cell products from Priess A/S. This means that the column does not need to be connected to a power supply in order to function.  The column is round and covered with solar cells on one or two of the sides, depending on energy demand and geographical placement. It is also possible to have the solar panels installed all around the Laser Sun column, which will give a triangular look.  Laser Sun is compatible with most common LED luminaires on the market.

Protected against vandalism

Laser Sun has the advantage that it is extra robust as it is based on a galvanized steel column. This makes it particularly suitable for installation in parking lots and other more desolate places, where there are less opportunities to keep an eye on the column. Just like our other solar cell products, you can also choose to place the solar panels high up on the column, where they can not be reached from the ground. This protects the solar panels from vandalism.

The Laser Sun column is available as follows:

  • In the heights from 3-14 meters
  • With 3-12 solar cell modules
  • With battery compartment next to the column for fast replacement of batteries


Further information

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