30 Plectre Sun columns in 8m have been installed along railroad track

For a train parking area in the city of Arnhem 30 Plectre Sun columns in 8m have been installed in cooperation with our Dutch partner Industrie Licht in Rotterdam.

The 30 Plectre Sun poles is installed along the railroad track in one line. Equipped with 9 solar modules the pole has a total of 414Wp to keep the battery at full power during both summer and winter seasons. Furthermore, the columns are controlled by the Priess Solar LCC control unit to ensure optimal energy harvesting, and for security the controllers have remote data collecting and warning system in case of any faults in operation.

Installation adress

Van Oldenbarneveldtstrasse, Arnhem The Netherlands


Industrie Licht

The columns are all equipped with an IR motion sensor for operating light levels between 10% and 100% light. Light levels due to motion detection, is via the LCC Mesh network, also forwarded to neighbor column luminaries.

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