Touché: The natural choice for driving down CO2 accounts

Al Raha Gardens, Abu Dhabi gets the first Touché solar lighting installation in the Middle East. The installation in Al Raha Gardens is implemented in close collaboration with Thorn lighting – fixture is Thorn Dyana 36 LED 45W.

“In the UAE there is 3 times as much sunshine as in Germany and simultaneously strong focus on sustainable CO2 neutral solutions. Therefore it is no coincidence that Abu Dhabi is the first place in the Middle East where the Touché solar cell column is installed” quote Export Manager Lars Damgaard.

  • Touché solcelle mast


Al Raha Gardens

Installation adress

Al Raha gardens, Abu Dhabi


Bjarne Schläger Design ApS
Thorn Lighting


With Touché the customer gets a maintenance-free and unique design where the solar cells are integrated vertically around the column. There is now an alternative to the very dominant flat panels in the urban environment and at the same time, the maintenance costs are reduced significantly, as dust and sand are not sticking to the vertical Touché column.
Touché solar cell column is a high-tech product  – all aspects of the lighting solution can be monitored and controlled from the customer’s own PC. With Touché Priess A/S shapes the future of outdoor lighting solutions.

Touché was designed and developed in collaboration with Bjarne Schläger, architect MAA

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