Priess Solar A/S Intelligent streetlight since 2009

Priess Solar A/S is a company in the field of intelligent, solar cell-based lighting for public spaces.

The solutions include solar cell columns for illuminating roads, squares, bus stops etc. Using solar cells and batteries, the columns are self-powering. Advanced controls optimize power and control possible connection to the grid for supplementary power.

Since the COP15 climate summit in 2009, where Priess Solar A/S installed the first 19 solar columns, we have continued developed on the self-sustainable streetlight concept. Priess Solar A/S has from the start of 2022 become a reality due to the success of 10 years leading market position in the solar streetlight business.

Our focus on customer satisfaction is something which requires innovation and development. Our extensive know-how and our deep involvement in our projects ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of new trends and thus always able to find the best possible solutions for our customers.

Priess Solar A/S secures the green supply of the future

Over the last century, major changes have taken place at our parent company Priess A/S, which initially started as an installation business with radios to now operating within technical cabins and the utilities sector. Priess A/S has transformed from being a small local company to a company with connections in several countries in a space of a hundred years. The company went from an installation business to its first established factory building in 1962. Today, production has been expanded to five factory buildings, a large paint booth and an administration building at a single address.


In general, Priess A/S and Priess Solar A/S is facing an exciting new era, where all product groups support and are part of the green transition.

We will continue the customer-oriented approach with Plug & Play solutions, and the vision of a greener and more efficient supply of utilities, and thus the future looks very promising.

European solar street light manufacturers since 2009.

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