Flat panel solar cell column installed at the end of the pier at Vordingborg Harbour

Solar cell columns from Priess A/S are particularly appropriate for installations where traditional lighting columns present a challenge. Therefore, the Port of Vordingborg in Denmark has installed a Flatpanel solar cell column in cooperation with Priess A/S and the harbor building company Munck Havne & Anlæg A/S. The column has been installed at the end of the pier at the harbor entrance.

The column is fitted with Panasonic NiMh batteries inside the column and a Philips Copenhagen LED luminaire.

  • 1 pcs. Flatpanel (LSH 3000)
  • Column – Ø159 galvanised steel
  • LED effect – 20W/2900Lm
  • Solar sopanel – 215Wp Polycrystaline
  • Priess LCC with remote monitoring via GSM module
  • Automatic alarm via e-mail for low battery and error on light source
  • Battery – 12V-36Ah NiMh batteri

Installation adress

The column has been installed at the Vordingborg Harbour in Denmark


Vordingborg Harbour Munck Havne
Anlæg A/S


Read more about the Flatpanel solar column here.

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