Located close to the equator, our solar cell columns with vertical solar panels are active all year round

Priess Solar A/S has delivered 4 pcs. of Skyline solar cell columns for a parking area in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigeria is located so close to the Equator that the position of the sun is on the southern horizon for half a year and on the northern horizon for the other half of the year. Thereby, vertical solar panels are not dependent on the sun’s location.

  • Solar panel – 12 stk. A-panel, mounted vertically (252Wp Polycrystaline)
  • Column: Skyline aluminium profile, LSH – 6,5 meter
  • LED effect – 25W/3600Lm
  • Battery – 12V-36Ah NiMh battery
  • Priess LCC with remote monitoring via GSM module. Automatic alarm via e-mail for low battery and error on light source

Installation adress

Lagos, Nigeria




The columns are fitted with Panasonic NiMh batteries and a Focus LED luminaire.

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