The solar cell column prototype which we have named Laser Sun Maximus has now been installed at Vinderup

Priess A/S has installed a prototype Laser Sun solar cell column in the carpark of the company’s premises in Vinderup, northern Denmark. This is an extra tall version of the Laser Sun measuring 14 metres, which we have named Laser Sun Maximus. The Laser Sun range has the advantage of being extra robust as it is based around a galvanised steel column. The prototype has been developed specifically for a number of projects in the Middle East where there are plans for 12 and 14 metre columns of this type to be used for motorway lighting.

As with our other solar cell products, the Laser Sun is self-sufficient and supplies its own energy. This means that the column does not need to be connected to a power supply in order to function.

  • 1 x Laser Sun Maximus 14000
  • LPH: 14 metres
  • Luminaires: 2x 113W Luxtella 36 CREE LEDs, 4000K/2 x 15150 Lumen
  • Control system: 2 x Priess LCC remote access
  • Energy production: 2500Wh–3200Wh per day
  • Solar panels: 18 x panels / 46W (828Wp)

Installation adress

The prototype was installed at the company’s own premises in Vinderup, northern Denmark


Read more about the Laser Sun product here.

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